BlueCity Launches Campaign for Greater LGBTQ Acceptance Among Families in China during Chinese New Year

BlueCity, a world-leading LGBTQ community platform providing a full suite of services to foster connections and enhance the well-being of the LGBTQ community, launch the “Let Love Go Home” campaign, which pushes for greater LGBTQ acceptance and understanding among the families of community members in China as the country celebrates. The campaign intends to offer information and services to support the LGBTQ community in their journey to coming out as well as other issues they might face during the festive season and beyond. This comes as survey data released today by the brand reveals that 40% of LGBTQ respondents in China will avoid returning home for this year’s Spring Festival (Feb 11-17) and 80% want to go home during the Chinese New Year in normal years despite the pressure and tension they receive from typically conservative family members related to their sexual orientation and gender identity.