Entire Pride in London advisory board resigns citing ‘hostile environment’

Every member of Pride in London’s community advisory board has resigned citing an alleged culture of bullying and a “hostile environment” for people of colour volunteers. The resignation of the board on Thursday comes after several directors stepped down, including Pride in London’s most senior black volunteer, deepening a race crisis within the organisation behind the UK’s largest Pride march. The resignation letter calls for new leadership to take the organisation forward and for an independent investigation by the mayor’s office into allegations of marginalisation and bullying. The community advisory board (CAB), made up of 10 individuals, was established in 2012 to advise the directors on questions of inclusivity and help the body meet its commitment to openness and transparency. The resignation letter sent to the board, seen by the Guardian, criticises the organisation for failing to set up an anonymous formal complaints procedure “outside the direct influence of directors” to report bullying or raise concerns, which they claim affects the most vulnerable and marginalised volunteers. “Contributing to this hostile environment, is the increasing preoccupation at Pride in London with managing the public relations concerns of its leadership, at the cost of supporting its Black and POC [people of colour] volunteers or community members,” the resignation letter says.