‘Gay conversion therapy roadshow’ hits WA churches with ‘reformed’ gay man at the helm

A ‘gay conversion therapy’ roadshow visiting West Australian churches has sparked outrage and renewed pressure on state and federal governments to outlaw the controversial practice. Albany Baptist Church last week hosted two Real Lives presentation events by True Identity International, which claimed to “tell stories of hope, vision and dignity beyond LGBTQ+.” The Church said more than 400 people attended the first event, which they said caused much “misunderstanding” as about 50 Pride protestors demonstrated outside, calling the event “homophobic” and “just the tip of the iceberg in WA”. “We heard eight incredible stories of people meeting Jesus, who praise God that their lives have never been better,” the Church explained on its Facebook page. “We are committed to respectful conversation with people who want to tell their stories. We want to honour the request from some same-sex attracted and gender dysphoric people to share their stories of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought them hope.” James Parker was one speaker at the initial event who told his story about how he had been gay, but now was no longer. Mr Parker has written online of his support for “sound methods of conversion therapy”. His Victor or Victim talk online, posted by the Church to explain what was discussed at their event, reveals how he realised he was gay at puberty, then became a gay activist in London and believed himself a heterosexual woman in a male body. He later discovered God, found himself becoming “more masculine”, and was shocked when he began to notice the curves of women. The tagline of his presentation: “Come out. Come home”.