Lesbian couple in China sues over hetero-only ‘couples discount’

It’s certainly not Pride month in China. A lesbian couple is suing a zoo in Guangzhou as well as the tourism booking service Ctrip after they were denied a promotion being offered to couples. The case, now advancing to China’s top courts, is a prime example of the state’s lack of recognition for the LGBTQ community “despite a growing acceptance,” according to a South China Morning Post report. The couple arrived at Chimelong Safari Park on May 21, China’s unofficial Valentine’s Day, presenting a “couple’s package” that would have provided a discount of 90 yuan (about $14). Instead, they were turned away and told the coupon was meant for only “a man and a woman.” Ctrip refunded the couple for the price of the promotional package, and furthermore removed the listing from its site, as well as travel service Fliggy (whose parent company Alibaba Group also owned South China Morning Post).