Plight of marginalised : Trans community gets vocational training

For transgender person, Bali Jetty, learning the art of embroidery brought gradual respite from the banality of the stereotypical roles. Unfortunately, the transcendence proved to be short-lived as the work came to a standstill during the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest dilemma of the transgender community is a lack of acceptance in society. They even struggle to gain recognition from their own kith and kin. “We earlier used to attend various events across different villages in Punjab. We received tips for performing at weddings, the birth of a child, etc. The pandemic stole away from us the only known means of sustenance.” In a posh area of Lahore, social activist Anusha Tahir Butt has started imparting vocational training to transgender community members at her own residence. Not only that, she has made arrangements for their learning of the Holy Quran as well.