Tijuana city candidate accused of posing as gay to gain favor with voters

A lawsuit has been filed against a candidate running for Tijuana’s city council for pretending to be a member of the LGBT community. The legal action was presented by Teresita Díaz Estrada, a representative for a Tijuana LGBT association. “We know this person said in a meeting that he didn’t realize that he had signed and claimed to be bisexual and that it led to a big fight with his wife,” said Díaz Estrada. “If you’re not bisexual you can’t be part of the LGBT community. Right now everyone in the world says they ‘just came out of the closet,’ which is a sort of abuse.” Border Report could not reach the candidate for comment on the lawsuit or allegations against him, and therefore is not naming him. Díaz Estrada laments that some politicians take on these type of claims hoping it will help them get elected. “They are taking someone’s place from a minority group,” she said.